Kowa American Corporation

KAC Headquarters  New York, New York

KAC Headquarters New York, New York

Kowa American Corporation (KAC) is a custom sourcing specialist for specialty chemicals produced in Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.


Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.

KPA Headquarters  Montgomery, Alabama

KPA Headquarters Montgomery, Alabama

Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. (KPA), headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, is focused primarily in the area of cardiometabolic diseases. Established in 2008, KPA focuses its efforts on the successful commercialization of its current and near-term portfolio of pharmaceutical products and business development activities.

Kowa’s entry into the US pharmaceutical market represents a significant step towards its vision of creating a global pharmaceutical organization.

The first pharmaceutical product launched by Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. was LIVALO® (pitavastatin), an HMG CoA reductase inhibitor for the treatment of primary hyperlipidemia and mixed dyslipidemia as an adjunctive therapy to diet to reduce elevated total cholesterol (TC), low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), apolipoprotein B (Apo B), triglycerides (TG), and to increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C). Pitavastatin is available in Japan, US, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon and Mexico under the brand name such as Livalo®/Livazo®.

Kowa Research Institute

Kowa Research Institute (KRI) located in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina is responsible for the clinical development of Kowa Company’s drug candidates in the US. KRI, a division of Kowa Company., Ltd., was established in 1997 in California and began operations at its current location in 2003. KRI has a strong pipeline of innovative and novel products, including drugs for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Kowa Waikiki, LLC


Kowa Waikiki offers real estate services in Hawaii.

The Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences (CICS)

The Center for Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Sciences is a joint research institution in which Kowa researchers and scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, conduct joint research on discovery and development in the field of cardiometabolic diseases. Through this collaboration, we are continually strengthening our technological foundation and promoting pipeline research.