VANTELIN | Joint Supports

Japan’s #1 selling joint supports hit the U.S.!

The Science: Therapeutic Taping Theory

VANTELIN Supports have been designed from the latest ideas in sports medicine to give you the most comfortable, breathable, consistent support for your joint pain and back pain by utilizing the Therapeutic Taping Theory. While therapeutic taping theory requires experience, patience and trial and error to apply correctly, VANTELIN Supports provide benefits that are similar to taping without the hassle. VANTELIN Supports provide the appropriate amount of resistance in a convenient form in one easy motion.

VANTELIN wrist brace shown

VANTELIN wrist brace shown

Functions & Features:

  • Thin and lightweight
    Our material makes Vantelin Supports easy to wear under clothes. It’s less bulky and ultra-comfortable for work or play.

  • Silky-soft, yet strong
    Our proprietary technology enables the fabric to be silky-soft in touch while providing the strength and sturdiness of masterful joint support.

  • Breathable mesh design
    Our knitted mesh design allows for superior air circulation. Each support is created with moisture-wicking material to help your skin stay dry, too.

  • Seamless top & bottom cuff design
    A proper fit and firm, even compression is crucial for effective support in relieving joint and knee pain and preventing slipping and bunching.